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There are various ways of monitoring your site and receiving statistics related to your site. More information about this can be found in this article.


cPanel Stats

You may have noticed that cPanel's statistics are not working. The reason they are not working is because we have disabled them to offer the most stable service on HelioHost. cPanel's uptime stats consume alot of server resources, therefore they increase the server load significantly. However, there are many alternatives to these statistics available, described below.

Piwik etc

Piwik is some software which allows you to easily monitor your site and receive instant statistics, plus it is completely free! You can install Piwik onto your website using the Softaculous section of cPanel, and then use the online Piwik area of your site to monitor your site on the go. More information about Piwik is available at the official Piwik website. There are also alternative softwares available similar to Piwik available in Softaculous.


FireStats is a web statistics system which allows you to easily monitor your site and receive instant statistics.It is completely free! for non commercial use but for commercial use you need to pay.You can install FireStats onto your website manually check Fire stats for more info .
FireStats works with most of the CMS and also with PHP and HTML.It can also monitor multiple domain under same site.

Firestats can provide you Real time statistics, and it can be more handy that Google analytics as it provides the information immediately. To know more about it Features here Features

GetClicky, Google Analytics, etc

There are many third party companies who will monitor your site using their servers for free. The following is a small selection of the services you could use.

Many more services exist and a simple Google search for "Stat counter," "site statistics," etc. will return many results.

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