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Note: The following guide is the previous guide before the wiki came along. Here are many ideas that you might want to use to create articles.

For new members of HelioHost, I have posted some questions that have been commonly asked on this forum. Before posting, please check out this thread, as your answer might lie in this post.


Pre-Signup Questions

Q. What does HelioHost offer?

A. Refer to What Does HelioHost Offer?.

Q. What is 'cPanel'.

A. Refer to cPanel.

Q. Is there a site builder? Can I add advanced software such as Forums, Blogs, etc?

A. Within cPanel's File Manager, you can make a HTML file (for example index.html) and enter the HTML Editor to view a WYSIWYG (What You See What You Get) Editor. Using cPanel's 'Softaculous', you can install advanced software such as Forums and Blogs easily.

Q. What email functions are available?

A. You can make many email addresses which can be viewed in 3 different online webmail systems and can even be configured in applications such as Microsoft Outlook. The email addresses will be (for example) replacing with your web address and me with whatever you prefer. You can also setup Forwarders to send messages to your personal email address and Auto Responders to automatically send an email back to senders. In addition, you can alter MX records to use an external e-mail service (such as Google Apps).

Q. How much space and usage do I have?

A. You have 1000MB of disk space available to you, which might not seem like a lot on a normal computer, but it is plenty for most websites. If you had a forum, blog and static pages, it would be approximately 100MB of your storage used. You also have an unlimited amount of bandwidth, meaning your site can be accessed as many times as you please. However, please respect other users - HelioHost is not for hosting your backup files etc.

Q. Does HelioHost force me to place advertisments on my site?

A. No, you are not forced to place ads on your website.

Q. Is there a limit on how many cron jobs can be run?

A. Yes, you can run no more than 2 cron tasks per day. This is because they can put lots of load on the server causing downtime.

Q. Are there any uptime stats available?

A. Yes - click here for basic Stevie statistics, click here for basic Johnny statistics Or click here for more detailed statistics (thanks Piotr GRD).

During Signup

Q. What choice of domains do I have?

A. You can have the free domain, or you can buy a .com,, .net, or other domain. HelioHost DOES NOT sell domains. You could also sign up for a free domain from a registrar such as Freenom.

Q. I'm not getting a free domain, so how do I set up another?

A. In the signup process, simply enter the web address you have purchased/your free domain. Then in your domain control panel, enter the following name servers.

Q. In my domain control panel I am given 'Zone Names'. What should I enter?

A. There is no need to enter any Zone Names. Just leave it blank.

Q. What is the advantage of signing up to

A. If you need support, then you can use that username and password to post your question in our forums.

Q. When I go to the Signup page, it says that the maximum signups for today has been reached?

A. So the server doesn't get stressed out, there is a limit on how many signups per day. Try again tomorrow, after 00:00. Time is Pacific Daylight Time. To find out when to signup, please go to (thanks Byron and Geoff).

After Signup

Q. My account hasn't been activated yet, and it's been ?? hours.

A. Try clearing your browser's cache. If that doesn't work then don't worry - the server hasn't activated your account yet, and it usually takes around 24-48 hours. If you are still waiting after 48 hours, then please post on our forums. If you are using a domain that's not a subdomain, it may take longer.

Q. Java/JSP/ASP.NET aren't working / I'd like to request for Java/JSP/ASP.NET.

A. If you are on Ricky, then you will need to delete your account and move to Johnny or Tommy. Java can then be requested through cPanel. ASP.NET is available to everybody on Johnny (no request necessary), or for Tommy, please post on our forums to request it. More information can be found at Moving your account

Q. How can I access my cPanel?

A. We recommend you log in through the HelioHost homepage, which is at Alternately, you can log into cPanel for your server directly: Ricky, Johnny, Tommy

Q. Can I access cPanel when I am behind a firewall (through port 80)?

A. Navigate to (replacing with your domain). However, only use this method if you are behind a firewall, as this method may not record your login attempts, which will lead to a suspension for inactivity.


Also before posting, please check the NEWS section.

Special thanks to Byron and cl58tools for these useful images of the server usage. The lower the server load, the faster your website. It is usually under 20.00 .

server_load_s.gif server_load_j.gif server_load_t.gif

server_uptime_s.gif server_uptime_j.gif server_uptime_t.gif


Also, go to to find out if Stevie is down for everyone or just you. If your website is on Johnny, use to find out if Johnny is down for everyone or just you.

This is the end of my CAQ guide. Any suggestions please post in this thread. This thread is NOT for posting questions, please make your own thread.

I will update this thread with new questions and answers in any way possible. :)

Thanks for reading,

Happy webmasting!

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