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[Archive] HelioPanel no longer works and is no longer maintained.

So, you've decided that HelioPanel could be a useful tool and decided to install it? Great!

Installing HelioPanel is very easy, and can be done without downloading anything onto your personal computer. The installation script is available from the official HelioPanel Project website, where you can install the latest version onto your HelioHost account. When you click on the Install button on the website, you will be asked for a username, password and server. The username and password should be exactly the same as your FTP/cPanel logins, and the server should be the server you have signed up to.

If you don't know what server you are using, then navigate to: Replacing with your website address. On the page that appears, click on the 'control panel' link. If the page you were sent to is, then you are on Stevie. If the page you were sent to is, you are on Johnny.

You will be asked to input another username and password. The username must be exactly the same as the one in your home directory. For example, if your home directory was /home1/myusername, your username would be myusername (case sensitive). The password must be your cPanel/FTP password. Your password cannot contain any special characters; only letters, numbers and spaces.

After inputting these details, the script will attempt to log you in. If the server is unavailable at the time, you will either receive an Incorrect Login or PHP will show an error saying that it's set_time_limit of 30 seconds has been exceeded (meaning that the script has timed out). If this happens, wait for 5 minutes and try again.

After that, the installation is complete; congratulations! You can access your HelioPanel from

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