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The HelioNet Forums is the main support area for HelioHost, where users can request support related to their HelioHost accounts and websites. However, the administrators, moderators and community are only reliable in English, and will struggle to answer non-English questions. To ensure that we can answer your question easily and allow other members to learn from your question and our answers, please ensure that all posts are in English (US or UK) only. If you are unable to write correct English then we recommend using a translation service such as Google Translate and Yahoo BabelFish. Staff and members of the community will reply in English only and no other language. Please also follow the Guidelines too.

Chinese Users: Site unavailable

Unfortunately, the Chinese government has blocked HelioHost from their citizens' internet access, meaning that Chinese users may be unable to view their sites correctly. This block (also known as "The Great Firewall") is out of our control and we cannot alter the Chinese government's decisions. However, we can easily move your site onto a separate IP address to solve this issue and allow Chinese users to access your site. To do this, please create a new topic in the Customer Service forum on HelioNet. Please state clearly that you are a Chinese user and you wish to move to a Shared IP.

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