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Perl is one of the most established programming languages on the Internet. With its powerful string processing capabilities and the optional availability of almost every library imaginable, Perl is an excellent choice for somebody looking to allow flexibility and expandability. At HelioHost, we offer Perl configured with more than 100 basic libraries, and allow easy installation of all additional CPAN modules through your site's control panel. If you're a Perl developer looking for free hosting, HelioHost is the place to be.



Server Path Version Loader
Stevie /usr/bin/perl 5.8.8 CGI
Johnny /usr/bin/perl 5.8.8 CGI
Tommy /usr/bin/perl 5.16.3 CGI


Extensive set of default libraries 
HelioHost offers more than 100 Perl libraries by default on all free hosting accounts.
Capability to add Perl libraries 
HelioHost users have the optional ability to add extra libraries to their Perl installations. All CPAN libraries can be installed from within your control panel.


Root-level access 
As a security restriction, we force each Perl script to run as its HelioHost user through suEXEC. This prevents any actions that require root-level access. This shouldn't be a problem for legitimate uses.

Getting Started

Perl scripts are easy to configure and run. Just create a file in your cgi-bin directory under public_html, and place the Perl shebang line #!/usr/bin/perl on the first line of the file. Below this line you may write Perl code. Make sure you make this file's CHMOD permissions 755, and output a Content-type header before anything else.

A good tutorial can be found here:


Here is an example hello world file.


print "Content-type:text/html\r\n\r\n";
print "Hello World!";
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