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HelioHost offers its users email accounts under their domains. This means that if your domain is, you can create email accounts such as Unlike other free web hosts, HelioHost does not limit the amount of email accounts each domain can host. Since more email accounts do not burden our server, we see no good reason to restrict them.



Any email account you create on HelioHost can be used and managed through a web interface. HelioHost offers three web mail software options: Horde, SquirrelMail, and RoundCube. They are accessible through an control panel similar to cPanel. Access to these interfaces can be distributed to your website's users through your cPanel.

Supported Protocols

If you would prefer to use an email application such as Outlook or your phone to read and send email, you can do this with your HelioHost email accounts. We offer compatibility with both the POP3 and IMAP protocols for incoming mail, and employ the standard SMTP protocol for outgoing mail. For more information, check your cPanel.

Custom Mail

If you wish to use another mail server to handle your domain's email addresses, then HelioHost is the place for you. We allow users to configure custom MX records for their domain, effectively forwarding all email load from HelioHost to a specified mail server.


SpamAssassin is the most popular anti-spam solution for Linux systems and has won awards for its excellent performance. HelioHost offers SpamAssassin with all its accounts, allowing webmasters to prevent spam on their configured email accounts.

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